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For Vegans

Seaweed fits perfectly in a vegan or vegetarian diet. Yes, even I sea bacon! A vegan diet is a diet in which no animal food is consumed, meaning no dairy, no eggs and no meat and fish. A vegetarian diet excludes all meat and fish, but does contain eggs and dairy.

Both diets have trouble getting sufficient omega 3, because that is mainly obtained from fatty fish. Moreover, vitamin B12 is missing (mostly in a vegan diet), because it can only be obtained from meat, fish and dairy products. In addition, vegans and vegetarians eat a lot of vegetables, which of course is very good. However, it can lead to a lack of some vitamins and minerals, because of not eating meat and fish.

Seaweed is a source of omega 3
Omega 3 fats are very important for our body, because they lower the blood pressure and more importantly, they ‘remove’ the bad cholesterol and deliver good cholesterol. Therefore, they can prevent against cardiovascular diseases. It improves your cholesterol levels, so it’s very good for a healthy heart. Normally, omega 3 fats are obtained mainly from fatty fish and oils. So, for vegetarians and vegans, I sea bacon or I sea pasta is perfect to supplement your diet if you don’t eat fish and still get some of the omega 3!

To solve the lack of vitamin B12, eat I sea bacon!
In a vegan diet, vitamin B12 is missing, because it can only be obtained from meat, fish and dairy products. Without vitamin B12, your body gets really weak and you get tired. That is why vegans have to supplement their diet with vitamin B12. Seaweeds, especially I sea bacon, contains vitamin B12. Even though this is not enough to replace supplements, it’s always good to have some extra vitamin B12!

To solve the vitamin and mineral storage, seaweed is a quick fix
Normally, vegans have to take supplements to get all the required vitamins and minerals, like iron, magnesium, iodine and calcium. However, mostly you have to take a lot of those supplements to get all minerals. Moreover, it is preferred to get natural minerals instead of those put into a capsule. Seaweed is a natural source of a lot of different minerals and vitamins.

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